Mike Kuchar

Senior Research Manager

X&O Labs

Mike Kuchar serves as co-founder and Senior Research Manager of X&O Labs. Kuchar has spent the last 15 years of his writing career researching and reporting on the newest trends and innovations in the game. His work has been featured in various national publications including ESPN Magazine, USA Today, and CBSports.com as well as coaching trade publications. Since starting X&O Labs, Kuchar has authored several special reports including the Zone Read Study, the Quarters Coverage Study and the 4-2-5 Defense Study.  Aside from his journalistic pursuits, Kuchar has been a coach for 14 years, both at the high school and college level as a head coach and a defensive coordinator. Currently he is the assistant head coach and defensive coordinator at Immaculata High School, a parochial powerhouse in New Jersey.  

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  • Brad Kunz  - Recruiting surveys

    I know that you guys do a lot of great research on tendencies in football. I was wondering if you have done any surveys on recruiting trends. The question I am currently searching for answers with is, What percentage of varsity players that start as freshmen or sophomores end up playing college football, or perhaps what percentage increase is there for an athlete who starts as a sophomore to obtain a scholarship? I think you guys could do a lot of good sending out a survey just asking the following questions:

    How many seniors did you graduate?

    How many will be playing Div-I A football?

    How many on full scholarship?

    How many preferred walk-ons?

    How many will be playing Div-I AA football?

    How many on any type of football scholarship?

    How many preferred walk-ons?

    How many players will be playing D-2 football?

    How many on scholarship?

    How many players will be playing NAIA football?

    How many on Scholarship?

    How many will be playing at the JUCO level?

    How many of these are...

  • David Telas  - staff sign up

    I paid for the staff subscription and I am still waiting for the email to give access to my staff. It has been almost a week. The payment for my subscription has already been deducted from my checking account. This is the second time I am trying to contact someone to get my staff signed up. How do I get that to happen?

  • Ryan Desrochers  - End of Season


    Big Fan and Follower of the site. Was wondering if there is anything in the works about using end of season data and how it drives what you do in the offseason. I am currently a DC and have my own thoughts and ideas, but would love new ideas, thank Coach

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