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17 Mistakes Hiding in Your Coaching Contract

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What You Must Know:

Long before you signed your coaching contract a team of attorneys representing the university spent hours writing and re-writing the agreement.  Their objective was simple: Protect the school’s interest – not yours. 

Chances are, right now, there are up to 17 little-known mistakes hiding in your coaching contract that can seriously damage your career.

X&O Labs, the leading football coaching research firm in America,  has discovered how you can turn the tables and get a coaching contract that is fair for you and your family.

Here’s a short list of what you’ll discover in X&O Labs’ powerful, FREE research report:

  • How some coaches get stuck paying for school cars and moving expenses
  • Can you be fired today without your school paying the remainder of your contract?
  • Identifying “Grey Areas” in contracts that can quickly turn into “Red Flags”
  • What to do if your head coach leaves and your school stops paying you
  • What to do when your school can fire you without cause, but you can’t leave to take a better job
  • You’re a coach – not a ticket salesman… how not to let your A.D. reassign you to a non-coaching position
  • Exactly who should and who should NOT be reviewing your contract on your behalf

That’s just a small example of everything you’ll discover in this popular, FREE report.

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