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Defensive Line Study

The Most Comprehensive Study of the 7-Tech, 5-Tech, 3-Tech and Shade Nose Ever Conducted


By Mike Kuchar, Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs

Exclusive Access: The Defensive Line Study includes exclusive details and instruction from NFL d-line coaches like Keith Millard, Defensive Assistant Coach, Tennessee Titans.

The research staff at X&O Labs (a football research company for coaches), has just released the most comprehensive analysis of the Nose Guard, 3-Technique, 5-Technique and 7-Technique ever conducted.

This in-depth, detailed study took 10-months to complete from start to finish. We surveyed 1,368 NFL, college and high school defensive coaches in all 50 U.S. states. Plus, we reached out to over 70 NFL, college and high school defensive coaches for further interviews and inquiries.

We broke The Defensive Line Study down into 4 sub-studies based on each d-line position:

  • The 7-Technique Study (includes a 6, 6i and 9)
  • The 5-Technique Study (includes a Ghost-7)
  • The 3-Technique Study
  • The Shade Nose Guard Study

By breaking our research down into 4 sub-studies we were able to identify the most common blocks each of these defensive line positions would face:

“I love what you’re doing at X&O Labs. I’m all for it. I love the research you’re getting out, it’s all very good stuff.”
Chris Ash, Defensive Coordinator, University of Arkansas

7-Technique: Most Common Blocks

  • Drive or Base Block
  • Cutoff Block
  • Over-Block
  • T-Scheme
  • Arc Release or Fan
  • Influence/Kick-Out
  • Pass Block

5-Technique: Most Common Blocks

  • Reach Block
  • Fan (Turnout)
  • Veer Release
  • Down Block
  • Scoop Away
  • Inside Pull
  • Pass Block

3-Technique: Most Common Blocks

  • Reach Block
  • Fan or Turnout
  • Double-Team
  • Power Scoop
  • Loose Scoop
  • O-Scheme
  • G-Scheme
  • CBS Sports’ Senior College Football Columnist Bruce Feldman says, “One of the best resources for diehards looking to learn more about the details of certain schemes can be found via XandOLabs.com.”


  • Veer Release
  • Pass Block

Shade Nose Guard: Most Common Blocks

  • Reach Block by Center
  • O-Scheme
  • Double Team
  • Power Scoop
  • Loose Scoop
  • Joker Scheme
  • Pass Block

The Defensive Line Study Exclusive: “When the nose guard feels himself getting washed down the line and in front of the cutback, we teach him to ‘pad back’ into the blocker and restrict the running lane.” Joe Cullen, Defensive Line Coach, Jacksonville Jaguars

And once we were able to identify the most common blocks the 7-Technique, 3-Technique, 5-Technique and Shade Nose Guard face each week, we were then able to go deeper into our research and find the most effective and efficient means of teaching defensive linemen to destroy these same 23 blocks and schemes.

I’ll tell you how you can get instant access to the Defensive Line Study in just a moment, but first I have to tell you that this powerful study also includes almost two hours of on-field defensive line videos.

Just to make sure we gave you everything we found in our 10-month study, we flew our researchers to one location, brought in a defensive line unit (players) and hired a professional video production company to show you how to develop instinctual, block destroying defensive linemen in 2 on-field defensive line videos.

These two videos were shot using THREE 35mm video cameras – in high-definition. I requested this so we could bring you every angle you need to quickly and easily get the research results we present in these two videos.

In just a moment, you’ll get to watch a portion of the videos, but first its important that you see exactly what we found in our sub-studies on the 7-technique, 5-technique, 3-technique and shade nose guard.

Report #1:
So, let’s take a closer look at what you’ll discover in The 7-Technique Study section of The Defensive Line Study:

  • The most powerful drills, techniques and strategies to destroying the 7 most common blocks your 7-tech will face.
  • How to leverage the C gap with your first level defenders
  • The most productive stance that 24.5% of coaches teach to attack a Drive Block. (This one surprised us. . .and it’s not what you think)
  • The Big Debate: See which stance our experts at the NFL, college and high school levels say gives their 7-Technique the best advantage (we back the one up with our conclusive evidence)
  • The visual key that few coaches use, but pays huge dividends in defending an influence/kick-out block… this is an easy install that produces quickly
  • Jacksonville Jaguars’ d-line coach, Joe Cullen’s, “go-to” drill that he uses every day in-season and during the off-season
  • How to easily “blow up” the offensive tackle’s angle for a combo against an over-block
  • A simple way your 7-technique can get a pre-snap read to determine if a drive block or an influence block is coming… this works great with your low football IQ kids
  • Step-by-step instruction on how to teach your 7-Technique to defeat the Cutoff block
  • Conclusive Evidence: Regardless of what your goal is for your 7-Technique, we have found the visual key to increase your chances for success
  • Plus much more

Very Beneficial!

“The Defensive Line Study was very beneficial. We took pieces of this research and compared what we did with what other coaches where doing.”

- Eric Stephens



Report #2: And here’s a quick peek at what you’ll find in The 5-Technique Study section of The Defensive Line Study:

  • The most powerful drills, techniques and strategies to destroying the 7 most common blocks your 5-tech will face.
  • The little-known “call” we found in Canada that gets your 5-Technique quickly to the QB against zone read teams
  • How NOT to be a victim of a trap block in a wide 5-Technique alignment
  • The #1 alignment to give your Ghost-7 a better angle to flatten, attack and spill kick-out blocks
  • This 1 simple technique confuses zone read quarterbacks and forces big plays for your defense
  • New Trend: The little-used stance that coaches are starting to incorporate against Veer Option teams… only 5% of coaches are using it right now, but it’s producing BIG results
  • The easiest way to teach your Ghost-7 the “Hip Technique”
  • Tags for your huddle calls to eliminate coverages by your defensive linemen
  • The 1 stunt that gives the open end a powerful advantage vs. counter O.T.
  • A special technique that will get your 5-Technique off the tackle’s hip and down the line of scrimmage… in a hurry.
  • An accurate visual key that only a few coaches teach that takes out both offensive pullers and frees up the play-side linebacker… we found this one hidden in plain sight in the SEC.


Report #3: And now let’s take a closer look at what you’ll discover in The 3-Technique Study section of The Defensive Line Study:

  • The most powerful drills, techniques and strategies to destroying the 10 most common blocks your 3-tech will face.
  • The one stance that only 14% of coaches are using that virtually eliminates false steps with your 3-Technique.
  • One easy tag call that will help your 3-technique squeeze the down block against option teams
  • The #1 year round drill for teaching your 3-Technique to destroy a drive block
  • We discovered the best techniques that can be used to cross the center’s back block
  • 64.7% of defensive coaches put this type of player at the 3-tech position
  • The #1 personnel mistake you will make with your 3-technique
  • How to easily identify a Loose Scoop block and stop his progression on to the linebacker
  • Where your 3-tech’s eyes must be when he recognizes a Veer Release block
  • Use these 3 drills every day for just 15 minutes to super-boost the read and reaction time of your 3-Technique… and they can be done in your weight room or on the practice field year round.


“I used the Defensive Line Study. It was great. I wish I had access to it earlier!”

- Daniel Hopper



Report #4: Here’s a snap-shot of what you’ll discover in The Shade Nose Guard Study section of The Defensive Line Study:

  • The most powerful drills, techniques and strategies to destroying the 7 most common blocks your shade nose guard will face.
  • Caution: This one technique that is used by 42% of coaches to beat a Loose Scoop block comes with a list of problems… we’ll show you the easy solutions
  • The 3-point visual key that boosts block recognition and learning with your Shade Nose
  • There’s a surprising new trend in what type of physical characteristics coaches want in defensive linemen.
  • The single “go-to” call when you need your shade nose to beat the center against a Reach Block
  • An easy way to teach your Shade Nose to decipher between a Reach Block and O-Scheme
  • 1 quick changeup to get your Shade Nose to beat the center’s back-block
  • Single most effective way to beat Double-Team blocks from isolation
  • The 1 thing your Shade Nose should NOT do against Power Scoop blocks
  • 2 of the biggest mistakes your Shade Nose can make with quick block recognition

Just to be clear… this is only a small sampling of what you’ll find in The Defensive Line Study. It’s chock full of everything you need to build an instinct-driven, block destroying defensive line.

I’ll show you how you can get full access to the entire Defensive Line Study in just a second, but first I want to show you more about the almost 2-hours of video included in this powerful study.

The 2 Most Informative Defensive Line Videos 
Ever Produced

That’s a big statement isn’t it? Well, I fully stand behind it.

And I make no apologies for it, either.

You see, in my coaching career I’ve personally bought and watched more instructional coaching videos than I could ever count. A few of those videos were good, but many were saturated with low-level answers, rarely giving me the specifics I needed to completely develop my defensive line.

That is why when I had the opportunity to produce these two videos, that are a part of The Defensive Line Study, I knew exactly what I would do. . . and what I would NOT do to give X&O Labs’ readers the best experience possible.

Here’s what I DID do with these videos:

  • Multiple Camera Angles: When we set out to film these d-line videos, we used 3 cameras – giving you every angle you need to absorb all information we present. We have wide shots, close ups, behind angles, side angles, straight on shots – you’ll see every small detail we present in these two d-line videos.
  • Video Quality (filmed in High Definition): We hired a professional video production company to film and edit these two d-line videos. In fact, the company we hired has produced television programs, commercials, and even documentaries. And, best of all, they filmed these two d-line videos using three 35mm video cameras (in HD). So that means these two d-line videos have the production quality you would see on television.

We spared no expense in producing these two d-line videos. But don’t take my word for it. Take a look and see for yourself. . . here’s a 2-minute clip featuring X&O Labs’ researcher, Mickey Mays, coaching a drill on how to defend blocks from inside zone teams…

The Defensive Line Study includes four Research Reports (The 7-technique Study; The 5-Technique Study; The 3-Technique Study; and The Shade Nose Guard Study) and two d-line videos:

  • Video #1: Defeating Run Blocks and Schemes
  • Video #2: Defeating Pass Blocks and Schemes

In both of these d-line videos, X&O Labs’ researcher Mickey Mays takes you on the field with a defensive line unit and brings to life The Defensive Line Study. So, not only will you read our research, but you’ll also see it in action.

Videos #1 & #2: Let’s take a quick look at what you’ll discover in these two d-line videos in The Defensive Line Study:

  • Block recognition drills and coaching points for the 7-tech, 5-tech, 3-tech and nose guard… all 23 blocks are covered
  • A complete breakdown of all defensive line stance and start options
  • Step-by-step blow delivery techniques… the most efficient and effective ways to teach blow delivery
  • Block destruction drills and coaching points for the 7-tech, 5-tech, 3-tech and nose guard… again, all 23 blocks are covered here as well.
  • Over 16 defensive line drills are included in these two d-line videos… all are demonstrated with players and coaching points

In all, we’ve included almost 2 hours of d-line video instruction in The Defensive Line Study.

As I said earlier, The Defensive Line Study is filled with our research on the 7-technique, 5-technique, 3-technique, shade nose guard and almost 2 hours of on-field d-line video.

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