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The No-Huddle Study

New Research Discovers How No-Huddle Programs Get More Snaps, Get More Yards and Score More Points.

By Sam Nichols, Managing Editor, X&O Labs

It was clear last spring when X&O Labs toured the greater part of college campuses in the Northeast that the no-huddle system was cornering its mark on the game.  Of the 14 schools we visited (which included the Naval Academy and Rutgers University) 12 of them were implementing the no-huddle system in some capacity.  Some were even going wholesale to the system for the first time last Spring (it was truly exciting) and we’re expecting many more will be doing the same thing this year.  Which is why we wanted to present our readers with the most thorough research ever conducted on the no-huddle offensive system.

The special report below was divided into six total cases and was the result of extensive research, which started with a survey that was responded to by close to 1,000 coaches at all levels.  That’s more coaches than any other survey we had distributed prior.  So our staff hit the ground running on this one and thankfully we’ve had hundreds of coaches that were graceful enough to share their information.  What you will see below is a culmination of a six-case research study, which includes, but is not limited to, all of the following components:

Case 1: No-Huddle System Philosophy and Organizational Systems:

You’ll learn various advantages that No-Huddle teams have found and breakdown the Communication Systems including:

  • If you utilize the no-huddle, or you are considering the no-huddle, you must read X&O Labs’ massive special report: The No-Huddle Study. This research report is the most comprehensive study on the no-huddle ever conducted!

    The specific factors why coaches decided to switch to the no-huddle system.

  • Why it is a fact that coaches that use the no-huddle score more points than teams that do huddle.
  • Why 75% of the coaches polled saw an increase of at least 11 plays per game due to adding the no-huddle.  This is an increase of roughly 15% over the average high school team.
  • Even more impressively, 30% of coaches saw their plays per game increase by 20 or more plays per game (a 30% increase over the average).
  • Why over 90% or respondents saw increased yardage that surpassed 50 yards per game and 51% had gains of over 100 yards per game.
  • The efficiency of the no-huddle system… roughly 90% of teams using less than 10 run schemes per game and over 50% using five run schemes or fewer.
  • Both the pros and cons (based on research and reader feedback) based on the run and pass game.
  • The impact that the no-huddle system has in formations and motions, which our research shows that 86% of no huddle teams still prepare at least 4 formations into each game.
  • Plus multiple downloads of samples and templates and much, much more…

Case 2: Tempos Defined

You’ll learn the importance of tempo to no-huddle teams and how they use it in games to increase productivity, including the following:

  • When you access The No-Huddle Study, you’ll see all the latest research on establishing the most efficient and effective tempo. This special report includes many research graphs.

    Why 86% of teams are running multiple tempos in games.

  • How many teams should your program use?  How many are effective?  What is too much?
  • The 5 advantages you will reap by keeping multiple tempos.
  • How varying tempo can affect the way your team practices, trains, and even game plans.
  • Why 60% of teams use a base tempo to set a baseline for the defense allowing for quick changes to have maximum changes.
  • How coaches can adjust their team’s tempo artificially from the sidelines without any additional signals.
  • How over 66% of teams employ a tempo that will snap the ball within 10 seconds of the ball being spotted.
  • Why one-word play calls have become the nomenclature of choice for some no-huddle coaches.
  • Explore the“mini-check”system and how it can be implemented into your offense.
  • How coaches implement a calculated “check with me” system to avoid bad plays and attack defensive weaknesses.
  • Why 68% of coaches are giving their quarterbacks freedom to make checks at the line within their no-huddle system.
  • Plus countless quotes and concepts from coaches nationwide and much, much more… 

Case 3: Planning a No-Huddle Practice:

You’ll learn what may be the most important element of implementing a no-huddle system – how to adapt it in practice.  This includes the following:

  • The No-Huddle Study includes exclusive analysis on many practice plans designed for the no-huddle. Plus, as an added bonus, you can download all of these practice plans for your own use!

    What makes no huddle practices distinctively different than a traditional huddle practice.

  • Which points that coaches (who do not have access to coaching off the film) decide to stop practice and coach, and when not to.
  • How coaches can “coach on the run” without compromising effectiveness or needing to be two platoon.
  • How one Pac 12 offensive coach suggests you review film with your players.
  • Why some coaches feel that having additional reps in practice can be more detrimental than beneficial.
  • How these coaches organize their scout teams to make practice run efficiently and quickly.
  • Six steps we have found that help alleviate scout team issues.
  • How a former Chip Kelly assistant manages his scout team to ensure proper positioning and execution for his offense.
  • Explore how coaches used conditing less than five minutes per practice after switching to the no-huddle, but 6-10 minutes before implementing the no-huddle system.
  • How 89% of no-huddle coaches utilize scripts to manage reps, looks, and the speed of practice.
  • Tips and tricks to organizing an efficient and effective no-huddle practice.
  • 9 tips to improve a no-huddle practice.
  • Five different types of practice plans that you can download today.
  • Plus countless quotes and concepts from coaches nationwide and much, much more… 

Case 4: Communications Systems Analysis

Here are the various forms of communication used in the no-huddle system to decide what can work best for your program including:

  • The No-Huddle Study includes research analysis of play cards from many coaching staffs. Plus, you’ll get to instantly download these play cards and use within your program!

    Why 70% of coaches still use hand signals in the no-huddle system.

  • A thorough breakdown of the hand signal system including the pros and cons of utilization including direct feedback from coaches that have used it.
  • The “Body Clock,” “Body Spots” and “Word Association” formats used by no-huddle offensive coaches
  • A thorough breakdown of the wrist card system including the pros and cons of utilization including direct feedback from the coaches that have used it.
  • Downloadable templates of the wrist card system, contributed by our readers – including a 9 and 14 pod system.
  • A thorough breakdown of the verbal system including the pros and cons of utilization including direct feedback from the coaches that have used it.
  • Why 20% of coaches ignore signals altogether and simply yell the play in to the team.
  • How teams are starting to use the famed Picture Boards to communicate some of, if not the entire play, which includes three different board examples from across the country.
  • Game planning with the no-huddle system and how to streamline your communication process for successful results.
  • How many teams use a numeric communication system to ensure their plays are not stolen including multiple plug and play numeric signal systems you could use today.
  • Countless tips (from our readers) installing and running a no huddle offense that fits your team today.
  • Plus countless quotes and concepts from coaches nationwide and much, much more…

Case 5:  Exclusive Interviews With No-Huddle Experts:

You’ll learn from championship level no-huddle coaches who share their trials and errors while utilizing the no-huddle system.  These coaches include:

  • This special report includes interviews with many of the most innovative coaches in the no-huddle today – coaches like Phil Longo (pic above).

    A Pac 12 Offensive Coach – This ten-year no-huddle veteran explains how his program’s culture is built around their no huddle philosophy.

  • Phil Longo – The offensive coordinator as Slippery Rock University (PA) explains the no huddle concepts that have made his teams successful at multiple stops.
  • Joe Osovet – The offensive coordinator at Nassau Community College (NY) a JUCO powerhouse, explains how his system helped increase their plays per game by 15 plays per game over the course of the 2012 season.
  • Jason Thomas – This former Chip Kelly assistant, now high school coach, outlines how he has taken his brand of no-huddle and manipulated it to success at the high school ranks
  • Brian Tabatabai – A Southern California coach outlines how the no huddle changed the culture of his football team and helped them break countless records in the process.

Case 6: Exclusive Clinic Reports

Coaches open up and share their secrets to practicing, preparing, communicating, and just about everything else to do with the no-huddle in Case 6 of this special report.

For the first time in our special reports, our readers took the time to produce clinic reports on various no-huddle disciplines that you can have access to immediately, including:

  • Utilizing a Comprehensive “Check with Me” System – By Jay Wilkinson, Offensive Coordinator, Broken Arrow High School (OK)
  • Play-to-Play Mechanics of an Efficient No-Huddle Offense -   By Matt Kerstetter, Offensive Coordinator, Trinity High School (FL)
  • No-Huddle Philosophy and How to Go Fast!  By Chuck Markiewicz, Head Coach, Arundel High School (MD)
  • How to Coach On the Run – By Dan Ellis, Head Coach, W.C. East High School (PA)
  • Implementing a Communication System – By Zach Harrod, Offensive Coordinator, Prague Lions (Czech Republic)

>>>Bonus: Over 20 Downloads Included in The No-Huddle Study

  • 5 unique no-huddle practice plans
  • 3 game planning sheets
  • 7 Play cards from many coaches
  • No-huddle mechanics PowerPoint presentation
  • Plus many, many more downloads!

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