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X&O Labs, a football research company for coaches, was granted exclusive access to Mike Leach and conducted three in-depth interviews with him over a two week period.  X&O Labs’ Mike Kuchar drilled Coach Leach with straight-to-the-point questions about specific areas of his offense.  It should come as no surprise that Leach didn’t back down.

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Interview #1: Mike Leach Tells All…

  • How he simplifies his offense into concept based learning.
  • Why he doesn’t like Empty formations.
  • Which types of plays are “must-have’s” for weekly game planning.
  • The real reason he stopped using route trees.
  • Why he thinks intricate offenses can make smart coaches look dumb.
  • Why he uses those outrageous splits up front.
  • How he adjusts his players to his system.
  • 3 resources every coach has in football.
  • Plus, much more!

Interview #2: Mike Leach Reveals His QB Secrets…

  • How he’s trained three of the most prolific passwers in Big 12 history.
  • 6 rapid-fire questions he’ll ask his QBs during film study.
  • Why he doesn’t waste his time with delayed screens.
  • There is no perfect play, so stop asking your QBs to check into one.
  • Full details on his “Check with Me” system.
  • Why arm strength and speed is the last thing he wants in a QB.
  • How he quickly develops QB fundamentals.
  • His full-field read drill.
  • Plus, much more!

Interview #3: Watch Mike Leach Game Film…

  • Watch a video tutorial of Leach’s most productive pass concepts – the Mesh series in his own words.  Complete with his unique receiver rules and QB reads. It’s simplicity has been gashing coverages for decades and continues to do so.

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