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Out-Leverage Defenses Using Unbalanced Formations

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The Unbalanced Formation Reports

X&O Labs presents one of its most comprehensive studies on effectively implementing run and pass concepts out of unbalanced formations.

This study is a culmination of over 1,000 coaches’ responses from surveys generated last month.   It’s information that is relevant to any coach, regardless of the offensive structure you employ.  We’ve found coaches from all offensive structures, from Wing T to Spread, use unbalanced sets for reasons that include advantages such as getting an extra blocker on the perimeter, creating an extra gap in the run game or even just to “window dress” opponents by creating conflict with general reads.  X&O Labs separated its research into the following two reports:

Report #1: Zone and Gap Runs From Unbalanced Formations

This report was one of the most-read research reports in X&O Labs’ history, garnering over 500 social shares in the first week of its release!  This report is centered around the most efficient gap and zone schemes used from unbalanced sets and details the following research:

  • The most effective types of unbalanced formations to use in the run game – such as 4-5 man surfaces, two wide on the ball, etc. – and the most common run concepts used with those formations.
  • New trends in the “X fly sweep” concept used now at Oregon and UCLA.
  • A thorough breakdown of Stanford University’s Power play from its seven linemen “Balco” personnel grouping, which included player assignments and film study.
  • A video tutorial of Boise State University’s “Unbalanced Twins” power scheme, and how BSU was able to maneuver opponents by using motion pre-snap to overload its formations.
  • Urban Meyer’s speed sweep out of his “Unbalanced Sniffer” formation structure, the same he used to steal leverage on the perimeter while at Florida with Tim Tebow and Jeff Demps.
  • Villanova University’s plus one Wildcat package including an explanation and breakdown of its QB power concept.
  • Various unbalanced Jet Sweep concepts provided by legendary high school head coach Gordon Elliot, who authored two books on the subject.
  • Plus much, much more…

Report #2: Run-Action Pass Concepts From Unbalanced Formations

In this report, X&O Labs provides coaches with the most productive run-action pass concepts from Unbalanced formations.  This report was based on a survey of over 750 coaches responses and includes the following research:

  •  The most effective types of unbalanced formations to use in the pass game – such as 4-5 man surfaces, two wide on the ball, etc. – and the most common pass concepts used with those formations.
  • Which run-action schemes are preferred from unbalanced formations – boots, nakeds, drop backs or screen concepts and the advantages and disadvantages to each – according to coaches.
  • A breakdown of Stanford University’s “Spider 3 Y Banana” pass concept with in-game footage.
  • UNLV’s variant of the “Spider Pass” and how the Rebels use “Shop Motion” to combat field zone pressures in the red zone.
  • Mercyhurst College’s (PA) “Dino” concept in its Power Pass, including how the Lakers find a way to get the slot more involved in its “Tackle Over” twins formation.
  • Kean College’s (NJ) weak side isolation pass, used specifically to target defenses that will overload the Unbalanced side of the formation.
  • Various run-action pass concepts from “X over/speed sweep” run actions, including a video tutorial on Norfolk State’s “Double Post” and “Scissors” concept.
  • Why Mercyhurst chooses to pull the backside guard in its “Fire Pass” concept, and why some other programs would rather not.
  • An analysis of the difference between gap and man protection and suggestions of which protection could work for your program.
  • Plus much, much more…

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About X&O Labs:

X&O Labs (www.XandOLabs.com) is a private research company specializing in the research and study of established coaching concepts and new coaching trends. X&O Labs conducts more coaching research and surveys than any other firm in the history of football. Our survey topics are generated each week by our team of researchers, coaching analysts, and by you – the coaches. X&O Labs highly values its independence and credibility – ensuring that we are able to report unbiased, factually based coaching research.