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The Zone Read Concept Study

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By Mike Kuchar, Senior Research Manager, X&O Labs


“Your research is thorough. It focuses on development of both the technical and schematic side of the game. I’ve read every one of your research reports and enjoy them thoroughly.”
Herb Hand, Offensive Line Coach, Vanderbilt University

X&O Labs, a football research company for coaches, has released a new special report, The Zone Read Study, in an exclusive 4-hour video presentation.

The results of this study will change the way you use the Zone Read Concept – and even how you’ll defend it.

Our research consisted of analyzing the survey results of over 2,300 coaches, watching over 100 hours of game film and interviewing 24 coaches about the Zone Read Concept.

Video #1: Here’s just a short sample of what we discovered about the structure and schematics of the Zone Read Concept:

  • How to adapt the Zone Read Concept to fit your personnel by absorbing the methodology of how a select few coaches implement the scheme
  • You will see the base structure in which Coach Rodriquez implemented the scheme at Glenville State College – and all the adjustments he made to it every year
  • You will learn how and when to call the scheme to maximize your results
  • How to count the tackle box and gain a numbers advantage in the run game
  • You will be able to run the scheme with various personnel groupings and design your calls to the open and closed side of the formation

Video #2: And when it came to the skill positions we discovered some very interesting things that will help you be more effective.  Check these out:

  • “We’re enjoying what you’ve [X&O Labs] been doing for the coaching community. Keep up the good work.”
    Dirk Koetter, Offensive Coordinator, Atlanta Falcons

    Get detailed analysis of the individual position techniques and responsibilities of each of the skill players in the Zone Read Option series
  • Easily teach your QB how to handle the various types of reactions from his read key such as easy reads, hard reads and gap exchanges
  • Complete technique analysis of the QB as it pertains to his footwork and making the correct read and carrying out the option
  • You will learn the techniques of the RB as it pertains to handling the mesh with the QB, and making the correct read on the zone
  • Improve your slot receiver play in carrying out the option phase of the scheme

Video #3: We all know the success of the Zone Read Concept is won up front, so we made sure we dug a little deeper to get you the facts you need to vastly increase your results.  Here are a few of the things we share in the study:

  • Complete, detailed analysis on offensive line play on the play-side and back-side of the Zone Read Scheme.
  • The most effective teaching progressions for the “covered” and “uncovered” linemen in Zone schemes
  • How to pass off full line movements by using the “gang” concept and make the necessary pre-snap and post-snap adjustments
  • Know how to counter common adjustments a defense will make to the read side of the play

Extremely Helpful!

“The Zone Read Concept Study was very helpful to me. Being an old school guy I have always preferred assignment football, whereas the Zone Read is more reactionary.  These 4 videos in The Zone Read Concept Study were very clear and extremely helpful as to the techniques and reads involved. I highly recommend other coaches watch these videos.”

- Coach Walker


Video #4: We didn’t just stop at the Zone Read, either.  We did a deep analysis of the 3 most popular variations of the Zone Read: Mid Zone; Read Bubble; and, Power Read.  Here’s a very short list of what this study lays out for you:

  • The blocking assignments and reads of the midline zone concept including a film tutorial of some of the more productive offenses that run the scheme today
  • Discover the blocking assignments and reads of the zone bubble concept
  • Watch the blocking assignments and reads of the Power Read Concept
That’s just a small sample of what you’ll find in this study.

And this entire study, all 4-hours of The Zone Read Concept Study video presentation, is available right now on our Insiders website. The Insiders website is X&O Labs’ exclusive membership website.

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